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The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman

GoodReads: London, April 1812. Eighteen-year-old Lady Helen Wrexhall is on the eve of her debut presentation to the Queen. Her life should be about gowns and dancing, and securing a suitable marriage. Instead, when one of her family's housemaids goes missing, Lady Helen is drawn to the shadows of Regency London.

There, she finds William, the Earl of Carlston. He has noticed the disappearance, too, and is one of the few who can stop the perpetrators: a cabal of powerful demons that has infiltrated every level of society. But Lady Helen’s curiosity is the last thing Carlston wants—especially when he sees the searching intelligence behind her fluttering fan. Should Helen trust a man whose reputation is almost as black as his lingering eyes? And will her headstrong sense of justice lead them both into a death trap?

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Alison Goodman's Eon duology is on my all time favourites shelf, I've read it twice and am thinking about reading it for a third time this year. After my latest re-read of the duology I wondered whether Goodman was working on anything new, so I visited her website and found out she was! I was super pumped, and remember constantly visiting the website to keep up to date with her progress on it. Then as you can imagine when the title, synopsis and release date was finally revealed I was like GIMME.

Set in the Regency period with a supernatural twist The Dark Days Club is a slow paced book, and I don't think this will work for everyone. I am happy to report, however, that I personally didn't mind it, because I was so immersed in the world and characters. Intelligent, fierce, and kind Helen is a mc that I was easily able to root for. In TDDC she struggles with the constraints of the time period,  but it's soon clear that she is not really one to be bound by the expectations of society. As her world slowly unravels and she is introduced to the supernatural she is forced to decide - will she help fight against the supernatural or will she turn a blind eye to it all and lead a normal life?

In term of secondary characters I enjoyed Helen's relationship with her maid, Darby, the two made quite the team. I also confess myself intrigued by the Duke of Selburn, and am hoping to learn more about his past in book two.

There isn't really much romance in TDDC, it's more like the sparks of one to come, which I usually like. The probablem here, however, is that I don't acutally care about the love interest, Lord Carlston. He wasn't at all 'mysterious' or interesting to me. In all honesty I was more fascinated by the 'nice' guy aka the Duke of Selburn. I love a good ship, so it sucks that I'm not feeling any ship-y emotions about Helen and Lord Carlston. I don't know...maybe there'll be some character development in the sequel.

If you're into historical fantasy TDDC might be something you'll enjoy. I found it to be a brilliant read, and look forward to picking up the sequel. 



  1. I'm not a fan of slow paced books but I don't mind it when there's good characters. and I really just can't stop myself from grabbing every historical fiction books I find. Great review, Renu! :)

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one, Renu! I really loved this one and can't wait for the sequel to release. Wonderful review, dear!

  3. I've heard nothing but positive things about this one from my bookish friends and one of them actually gifted this to me for my birthday last month so I will be reading it soon! I don't mind slower paced books, especially if the characters and writing make up for it. Lovely review Renu, glad you enjoyed this one :)

  4. I liked this one, but it wasn't my favorite. The pace was too slow for me. I am on the fence as to whether or not I will go on with the series.

  5. YAY :D Lovely review Renu. <3 So glad you liked this book, despite not fully loving it. I cannot wait to finally read it soonish :) I also loved her first books. Yay for small romance that you loved :D But aw.. I wish there had been a bit more, lol :)

  6. This sounds like something I'd like - I don't mind a slow pace, usually. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Sounds like I need to get around to reading the Eon duology too! Great review, Renu!

  7. Awesome review! I have been meaning to read this book and my copy is starting to gather dust but I just don't have the time yet...but I will soon!

    I gifted Eon to a friend one Christmas because she said she wanted fantasy and adventure and even though I haven't read it, I picked that book for her. I need to read that, as well!


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