Sunday, 5 March 2017

Literary Journeys: A Reader's Journal illustrated by Andre Letria

Description from Abrams & Chronicle's website: Inviting bibliophiles to record their thoughts and keep track of what to read next, this richly colourful and whimsically illustrated reader's journal will capture the imagination of any book lover.


Price: £11.99 & $14.95

Publication date: 14/03/17
Publisher: Abrams & Chronicle

I was really happy when this journal arrived in the post. Over the past two years I've been keeping track of the books I've read by jotting down the title and author in a little notebook, but with this journal there's room for more.

Click to enlarge.

In section 1, as you can see from the image above, you can record the following about the book you've just finished reading:
  • Date started
  • Date finished 
  • Star rating
  • Book title
  • Author
  • Plot notes
  • Character notes
  • Favourite quotes
  • Other books to read by this author

Cool, right? I absolutely love the layout, and am looking forward to getting started.

There are four different sections, each of which is introduced with a colourful illustration by Andre Letria:
  • Section 1: Book notes
  • Section 2: Books to check out
  • Section 3: Notes, ideas, and observations
  • Section 4: Reading inspiration 
In section 2 you can jot down books you're interested in reading/books on your tbr.

Click to enlarge.

There's space to write down the book title, author, and notes.

Section 3: "Notes, ideas, and observations" is pretty self explanatory. You can basically jot down whatever you like! 😀

Click to enlarge.

Section 4: If you're not sure what to read next this section is super helpful with recommendations of books that have won literary awards. There's even a couple of pages at the end that let you record your own prize winners!

Click to enlarge.

And last but not least it also came with a box of 20 notecards (5 colourful designs, 4 of each) & envelopes!

As you can tell I'm eager to start using this cute little journal. Tell me, what do you guys think of it? 📚


  1. This is fun! I like that you can keep track of quotes you loved.

  2. Yay for gorgeous looking journal :D Glad that you are pleased with it Renu. <3 Hope you will love writing in it a whole bunch :D


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